March 13, 2024

Unveiling TikTok’s Sweet Sixteen of College Basketball

HubScore analyzed the most popular college basketball teams in the U.S. by the amount each's associated TikTok hashtags.

Unveiling TikTok’s Sweet Sixteen of College Basketball

While buzzer-beaters and slam dunks captivate us on the court, TikTok has become the virtual playing field for fans to showcase their team pride. Tapping into the trend, we crunched the numbers to reveal the top teams that have dominated TikTok views, transcending the boundaries of traditional metrics like championships and titles.

From the spirited Kentucky Wildcats, making an early entrance with a staggering number of hashtagged videos, to the powerhouse Duke Blue Devils, whose TikTok presence is nothing short of a slam dunk, each team in this Sweet Sixteen lineup contributes to the digital fervor. The Purdue Boilermakers, known for their Big Ten prowess, showcase their TikTok game with an equally impressive number of hashtagged videos. Meanwhile, the Alabama Crimson Tide rolls tide on TikTok, extending their popularity beyond the gridiron. The Kansas Jayhawks, demonstrating prowess on and off the court, and the consistent presence of the Texas Longhorns round out this formidable digital lineup.

Regional Rivalries and Conference Clashes

Just as on the basketball court, regional rivalries play out in the digital realm of TikTok. The Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide, hailing from the same state and the SEC, continue their rivalry online with hashtags like #BamaRushTok and #WarEagle. The intensity of these online battles mirrors the on-court drama, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the Sweet Sixteen narrative.

Trending Challenges and Viral Moments

From slam dunks to dance challenges, TikTok's Sweet Sixteen brings forth a myriad of trending content. Fans, players, and even coaches take center stage in this digital arena, creating a dynamic tapestry of content that mirrors the excitement of March Madness.

As we continue to scroll through TikTok's Sweet Sixteen, it's clear that the fervor of college basketball extends far beyond the arenas. This digital journey not only showcases the popularity of teams but also highlights the creativity and passion of fans who contribute to the vibrant tapestry of college basketball fandom. So, whether you're a Wildcat, a Blue Devil, or a fan of any team in between, TikTok is the place to be for a slam dunk of digital excitement. Let the games – and the hashtags – continue!


To identify the most popular college basketball teams in the U.S., we looked at the popularity of the associated TikTok hashtag (e.g., #AlabamaBasketball or #UFBasketball) across NCAA Division 1 basketball teams. We recorded the number of videos under that hashtag and compared trends across schools.

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